Music lessons continue to be available with your instructor online during the pandemic.  This will be an available option moving forward, even after you return to in-person lessons.

For those returning for in-person lessons, it is important that you read the protocols and follow them. For everyone’s safety they will be enforced while you are visiting.

Please ask your instructor for information on in-person lessons.


  1. Anyone who is ill may not enter the premises of Pedal Point Music. Pedal Point Music reserves the right to check temperatures and conduct wellness interviews with anyone entering the facitliy.
  2. Clients arriving must wait in their vehicles and inform the instructor of their arrival with a text message. The instructor will invite you to enter. The instructor will meet you at the door and escort your to the studio. ONLY THE STUDENT AND ONE OTHER PERSON MAY ENTER THE BUILDING.
  3. Anyone entering the building must wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth at all times.  No exceptions!
  4. Social distancing practices are in play.  Please listen closely to your instructor’s explanation of these and follow them for your protection and the protection of others.