For many years now I have livened up the studio with the colors of Fall and loads of “pumpkins.”  I remember the first year I bought a basket full of those miniature pumpkins at the local grocery and covered the piano and edges of my studio with them.  They became incentives for the challenges of October.  Although I initially intended them to be decorative, I soon learned that my little students wanted one to take home. lol  So, I gave them away one by one as goals were met.  Then I drew a name for the one giant pumpkin.  I still remember the delight on the face of my young voice student as her mom reluctantly strolled through the store lobby with a giant orange pumpkin in her arms.

So, every year I bring out the felt, paper and rubber pumpkins in addition to the buying a giant prize pumpkin.  I set the stage for challenges.  It’s usually 3 parts, but sometimes 4.  My students eagerly tackle those challenges and I reward them with a prize of some sort in addition to putting names into a drawing for the giant pumpkin.  It’s fun, celebrative and helps my students pick up the pace at a time when they are meeting other challenges at home and school.  

This year IS a different kind of year, but the pumpkins are out and on display.  There’s a fresh new giant pumpkin.  We’re all learning about a special composer this year who made history with his compositions.  Although half of my students are still online, they’re plugged into this as well! It will pay off for all of us as we enjoy the music gleaned from this year’s GREAT PUMPKIN CHALLENGE!

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