For those coming to Pedal Point Music for in-person lessons, protocols are in place to reduce your risk of exposure to COVID-19 while attending your lesson.  All clients are subject to these protocols which are clearly on display at the entrance.  Anyone entering the building will be asked about their general health and any known or possible exposure to COVID-19.  Here are the protocols:


Under Georgia law, there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual entering these premises if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19. You are assuming this risk by entering these premises.

1. Clients must wait inside their vehicle(s) until signaled by the instructor, at which point a
maximum of 2 people (including the student) per instructor may proceed to the entrance
of the building to be admitted by the instructor. Wait at the entrance for your instructor
to open the door and invite you to your room.
2. Clients will be asked to adhere to the following while on the premises:
a. A mask must always be worn that covers your nose and mouth.
b. Anyone who has been exposed to someone with COVID19 within the last 14 days
is not allowed on the premises.
c. Anyone with symptoms of illness or a fever of 100 F or higher is not allowed
inside; Pedal Point Music reserves the right to do a temperature check and
wellness quiz to everyone entering the building.
d. Clients must sanitize or wash their hands upon entry.
e. Clients must stay in their assigned rooms and practice social distancing. Do not
enter any other room or wander around the facility. Your instructor will explain
the parameters of your assigned room.
3. Parents waiting for students may attend the lesson, wait in the car or wait outside. The
lobby is closed for now. When it does reopen, there will be limitations and protocols.
Signs will be in place to assist your understanding and compliance of them.

When the pandemic hit in March, our featured instructor immediately set to work on bringing her students online for lessons.  She worked tirelessly to make the experience worth their while and went to great lengths to make sure everyone had the music they needed to get through their lessons remotely.  She continues to offer lessons online with the same enthusiasm and vigor!

Sharon Camper graduated from St. Bernard College with a degree in Elementary Education with minors in Art and Music. Her early experience included serving as a church organist, teaching preschool and elementary school music classes, directing children’s choirs, and founding an elementary school band. She has taught Kindermusik and Music for Kids, as well as private piano and voice lessons.

Sharon loves working with students of all ages. She currently has students ranging in age from 8 to 80+! Using a variety of musical styles and methods, she creates a unique approach for each student to unlock their musical ability and creativity. Sharon is dedicated to helping the students develop the skills required to work independently so they can reach their highest potential and develop artistry in their playing.

You may enroll with Sharon for lessons at our website or email us at

Today’s teacher spotlight shines on Joel Perkins.  Joel teaches violin, fiddle, viola, cello and string bass.  

He is an accomplished fiddler and an outstanding instructor of music. He follows a long line of fiddlers in his family with his enthusiasm and accomplishments.
Joel holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Crane School of Music, Potsdam, NY. He currently serves as the Director of Orchestras for the M. E. Stilwell School of the Arts. He also is the owner of The Virtual String Studio. He’s a member of NafME and ASTA.

Some of Joel’s accomplishments include  Carnegie Hall Performance (2020), Professional Orchestra Collaboration with Orchestra Noir (2018/19) and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (2018); All National Honor Orchestra (2019); Shuler Award Nomination for Best High School Pit Orchestra (2019) as well as many others.

You can sign up for lessons with Joel on our website or email us

For many years now I have livened up the studio with the colors of Fall and loads of “pumpkins.”  I remember the first year I bought a basket full of those miniature pumpkins at the local grocery and covered the piano and edges of my studio with them.  They became incentives for the challenges of October.  Although I initially intended them to be decorative, I soon learned that my little students wanted one to take home. lol  So, I gave them away one by one as goals were met.  Then I drew a name for the one giant pumpkin.  I still remember the delight on the face of my young voice student as her mom reluctantly strolled through the store lobby with a giant orange pumpkin in her arms.

So, every year I bring out the felt, paper and rubber pumpkins in addition to the buying a giant prize pumpkin.  I set the stage for challenges.  It’s usually 3 parts, but sometimes 4.  My students eagerly tackle those challenges and I reward them with a prize of some sort in addition to putting names into a drawing for the giant pumpkin.  It’s fun, celebrative and helps my students pick up the pace at a time when they are meeting other challenges at home and school.  

This year IS a different kind of year, but the pumpkins are out and on display.  There’s a fresh new giant pumpkin.  We’re all learning about a special composer this year who made history with his compositions.  Although half of my students are still online, they’re plugged into this as well! It will pay off for all of us as we enjoy the music gleaned from this year’s GREAT PUMPKIN CHALLENGE!

Today our teacher spotlight is on Drew Simpson, our percussion instructor.  He’s been at Pedal Point Music for over a year now.  

Drew grew up in Snellville, GA. The son of a drummer and band director, he has been making music his whole life. After graduating from the University of Georgia, he began touring all over North America and Asia as a musician and performer with several Broadway shows.

He then moved to New York with his soon-to-be wife and began working as a drummer and percussionist for many Broadway shows. Among them are Wicked, The Book of Mormon, Kinky Boots, Annie, RENT, and Avenue Q.

While in New York, he also worked as a drummer and performer for an interactive music program for babies and toddlers called Little Maestros.

Mr. Simpson and his wife moved back to Georgia in 2014. He taught in the Norcross cluster for three years and currently teaches in Lawrenceville. He now lives in Dunwoody with his wife, Kelly. They have a daughter named Rhea and a French Bulldog named Remy.

Drew is available to teach percussion and/or drums beginner-advanced.  Go to Pedal Point Music’s enrollment page to sign up or email us at