Face Masks Safety Protocols Social Distancing


July is here with all of the heat and humidity it brings every year to Atlanta.  The afternoon thunderstorms followed by muggy sunshine have begun.

In the midst of what should be shorts and t-shirt weather we now have an additional accessory to add to our daily lives – face masks.

Who knew just a few months ago that our lives would change so very drastically almost overnight?  Yet, here we are social-distancing and donning our stylish masks.

I’m aware that some people are uncomfortable with these and feel they have a right to go without one.  Others feel that it is too much to ask of children to wear them.  Most everyone has an opinion about them.

Hear at Pedal Point Music, we are focused on safety…yours and ours. We’re also focused on providing you with the best music lessons around.  So, we’re leaving our opinions at the door and thinking about each other as we ease back to in-person lessons.

Thank you for doing the same and wearing your mask into our facilities! We will do our best to make it the great experience you’ve come to expect…even in the midst of a pandemic, with protocols in place.


-Wellness questions and temperature check before entry

-Masks that cover your mouth and nose at all times

-Social distancing while visiting the school.