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We’re Tuned In

We’re Tuned In

It’s Sunday, April 12, 2020 and I’m sitting here reflecting back to a month ago today.  The night before our country, our states, our cities…my household slowly began to surrender to the idea that change was quickly being thrown at us.  A long weekend get away to Europe was suddenly cancelled even as we sat waiting to board our flight. So, I made my way the next day back to my studio and taught my lessons instead.  In the midst of that day an address from our governor spurred my proactive thinking, and by closing time I sat down with a couple of instructors and told them I would probably close as a precaution.  That night, a month ago, I did just that.
The studios and waiting area were thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the following day as I sent notices to everyone that in-person lessons were now suspended for at least two weeks.  That two weeks has turned into a month and the foreseeable future as our society is getting through this crisis with COVID 19.  Yet, we are still here!  

Lessons are now offered online and I’m happy to report that most of our clients have engaged in weekly online studies of piano, voice, violin, ukulele, viola and guitar. Pedal Point Music instructors are capable communicators and that’s playing out in the continuation of classes through a number of online platforms. If you haven’t resumed lessons since we’ve gone online, you should give a try!  Perhaps you’ve been thinking you want to do something new during this crisis.  Learning to play music is a wonderful option.  We’re here to assist and you can have a free virtual meeting with an instructor who will take the time to evaluate where you should begin and what your course of study should be.  Contact us today! 


By Will Suit

Will Suit is a native of North Georgia. His involvement in music is a lifelong love. He holds a performance degree from Tennessee Temple University and certifications as an Elementary Education Specialist in piano and voice from the Royal Conservatory of Music. He is a member of the Music Teachers National Association and the National Federation of Music Clubs. His studio is geared toward engaging students, young and mature, to find the fun and sheer joy of experiencing music.

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